The Journey Begins

Hello everyone and thanks for joining me on this journey! 

The blogging journey :). I hope you will enjoy following our family’s journey in living as healthy as possible in todays world where we are surrounded by toxic chemicals. My passion is to show you how you too can live as Chemical free as well. 

I hope everyone had a very blessed Christmas. I know I sure did. It is hard when we cannot see all of our loved ones for Christmas but they are always in my heart and thoughts. 

I made my family members some chemical free all natural cleaning products for their homes. They were Cleaning Fizzies (something you can drop in your toilet to clean for you when you’re in a hurry or hard to clean bottles, etc.), Dishwasher Tabs that won’t leave poisonous chemicals on the dishes that you put your food on and feed your family from.  Lastly,  Garbage Disposal fresheners to clean that smelly Garbage disposal without the chemical fragrances. I hope they enjoy them as much as I do knowing that I’m keeping my family safe and even boosting their immune systems while we clean.

I will be posting the recipes for these items in the next post for you to make and enjoy with peace of mind.

God created your body, Jesus died for it and the Holy Spirit lives in it. – Pastor Rick Warren

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