• 2 cups washing soda

• 1 cup baking soda

• 1/2 cup citric acid

• 1/2 cup non iodine salt

• 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar (have some extra on hand in case you need it, I used about 3/4 cup)

• 1 teaspoon castile soap

• 20 drops Lemon essential oil (I only use Young Living oils)

• 10 drops Orange essential oil

• 15 drops Purification essential oil

• 2 flexible ice cube trays


• In a large bowl, mix together all of the DRY ingredients. DO NOT PUT THE VINEGAR IN YET!!

• Add in the castile soap and the lemon, orange, and Purification essential oils. Mix well.

• Next, SLOWLY add in the vinegar a little bit at a time and mix well. It will start to fizz and it will start to clump… this is what’s supposed to happen, but you want to act fast. I just ended up using about 3/4 cup to get the right dampness, so go slowly and work a little at a time. If it looks too dry, add in a little more vinegar a splash at a time.

• Once it is mixed well, pack well into two ice cube trays (take your time doing this and make sure they are well compacted – they should feel “wet” but not solid yet.

• Set ice cube trays out to dry for at least 24 hours. I would check on them periodically and pack them down a little more because they will continue to expand a little.

• After 24 hours, remove the tabs and store in an air-tight container. I highly recommend ice cube trays that are flexible… I used just regular plastic ice cube trays. I save ALL of the crumbs and crumbles so that I can use all of those at the end for a cycle.

• When it’s time to wash your dishes, put your dishwasher tab in the detergent container and start your cycle! If you REALLY wanna boost your wash cycle, put a 1/2 cup of white vinegar on the top rack.

I store mine in a wide mouth mason jar.

Hope you enjoy these natural tabs that won’t leave poison on your dishes where you prepare and eat food.

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