Got Stress?

Hello everyone, Let me tell you…I have usually been a huge ball of stress and worry my whole life. It is genetic in my family, so guess what?? I have it! The doctors could never figure me out when I was a teenager. My stress and anxiety did not present with normal symptoms. Mine would manifest as physical symptoms.. I always thought I was dying. 😦 That’s never fun to think about. So I would get stuck in a cycle of anxiety causing physical symptoms which would cause more anxiety. Thinking I was dying would cause more physical symptoms and therefore cause more anxiety. It’s a vicious cycle.

Now here’s the funny part. After my twin girls were born and they were around 9 months old my anxiety came back with a vengeance. I went to doctor appointment after doctor appointment. I would have strange flashes of light in my eyesight. I thought I was going blind. I started having these episodes where I would get a blind spot in my vision and then it would move out to the peripheral vision, then manifest into static like you see on an old TV when you couldn’t get a signal…OK that just told you how OLD I am. LOL

I kept going to the ophthalmologist…and everything would check out ok. I went to my primary care doctor and she would give me medication…nothing was really calming these symptoms down…so my doctor would put me on a higher and higher dose. Finally the doctor told me there was nothing more she could do for me (with one medication) so she told me I was mentally ill. Now that is a running joke between me and my husband.

Needless to say I never went back to see that doctor again. I finally found a doctor that specialized in women’s anxiety disorders. She put me on a medication that seemed to start to work. But I hated how It made me feel. I literally had no emotions left. I wanted to feel all the Feels for my kids and my husband and everyone else…but it made me feel numb. I started to wean myself off after being on the medication for a few years. OH Let Me Tell You Something…..if you have never had a brain zap…..You are lucky, you don’t want one. Coming off a medication like that created some really crazy symptoms. I felt like I was having electroconvulsive therapy. Go Google brain zap and read about them. Its crazy!

So after having my son the anxiety was back again. I even had an MRI on my brain thinking I had a brain tumor….Anxiety is scary stuff how it can affect your body. I was on medication again after he was born. Once again it made me feel numb and unemotional. Here We Go Again. UGH. After a couple years I weaned myself off again and here came the brain zaps AGAIN. It must be like child birth…you forget the pain so you do it again. UGH!

Then the anxiety came back a few years later with a vengeance once again. Doctor once again tried the medication route but this time…..I had become allergic to it. HMMM I think God was telling me something. Don’t do pharmaceuticals for this anymore. So I started trying to find a natural way to treat my Stress and Anxiety. That when I discovered essential oils. A friend of mine posted on facebook that she was placing on order and wanted to know if anyone would like to add to her order. So I asked her if she had anything to help with anxiety. She said yes so I had her order it for me. In the meantime while I was waiting for my magic oil I started to research these little oils.

OK…it was finally here!!! I opened it up, I took the lid off and took a big whiff. I’m not going to lie..I was a little nervous and apprehensive. Was this stuff really going to work? It was in a roll-on bottle so I applied it to my wrists, sides and back of my neck. I kept breathing it in….It was a very pleasant smell. I could tell I was feeling a little better. That evening I woke up in the middle of the night having a panic attack. I had become used to this happening. It was not fun at all. I got out of bed and went to find that magic little bottle of oil to see if it would help with this panic attack. I applied it again like before and I sat on my couch for a few moments. I noticed that my breathing was starting to slow down, the tension in my chest was relaxing, and the rushes of adrenaline was ceasing. I was blown away. I had never had a panic attack resolve itself so quickly. Even the medication that I had for “as needed” didn’t work this fast.

This made me want to learn as much as I could about oils and the different companies. I was sold that these things really work. If this one oil could help me so much what could the other oils do for me?

I went to a quarter auction at my church and low and behold there was a Young Living table set up so I went up to talk to this lady with a pink stipe in her hair and had her cute daughter with her. I bought a bottle of thieves cleaner from her and filled out a form to win a basket of oils.

A couple days later she calls me and we set up a time to have an Oils 101 class to learn more about these little bottles of magic. I invited a few of my good friends because I knew this one oil worked for me so why not share with them. I WAS SOLD! I bought my premium starter kit and I haven’t looked back since. Yes, I had researched all the other companies I could find that offers essential oils but I kept coming back to YL because of their Seed to Seal guarantee. They control the entire process from the time that seed goes into the organic land, till the harvest and bottling. They do it all. Nothing is contracted out. They oversee every oil and it goes through rigorous testing processes. They use the trash water from the distillation process to water their crops and they only use oils as pesticides and a weed killer. No chemicals at all! None of the other companies could guarantee this. Also, YL is the only essential oils company that is GRAS certified for internal use of some oils.

I fell in love with YL and so I began to share how they have changed my life and the life of my family. My kids ask for an oil for tummy troubles or muscle aches even skin problems. My husband even uses them all the time. It didn’t take much convincing once he noticed how they were helping us.

I use all kinds of oils for my stress and anxiety now. AND THEY WORK! QUICK!

I am offering a FREE class on how you can manage stress and anxiety on my facebook business page “Way Of Life Oilers”. Here is the link: Come on over and check it out on Friday Jan 4th at 8:30PM. You won’t regret it.

I also offer a lot of other types of classes. Browse through the Events tab on the left side of the page.

My mission in life right now, besides homeschooling and keeping my kids alive is to help others see the benefit of these God given oils and how they truly do help our bodies. If you’re curious about the science behind them I would highly recommend you read this book. It changed my life. God is amazing and He made these plants to help our bodies.

If you know you want to jump on the oily wagon with me…here is the link to purchase your starter kit. If you buy through this link you get me to help guide you in your journey. You will get all kinds of goodies to help you, as well as endless classes. I can even teach you how to share these amazing oils. You can support your oily habit or make a career out of it. It’s up to you. Im always looking for individuals that are as passionate about God’s oils as I am to share them to the world.

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2 thoughts on “Got Stress?

  1. My goodness, Chawnda, what a testimony! I can’t believe your mother knowing how awful I had anxiety attacks that she never told me what you have gone through! I would have been so caring and compassionate! You poor little girl! What a wonderful story. I want to see this class but I can’t remember anything anymore. I now am responsible for everything like a widow except My Normie is here and I take care of his needs also. Needless to say, my stress is very high again . I had to have a pacemaker but still had those darn pvcs and palpitations and I know a lot of it is stress. Could you send me a reminder for the class? I would really be grateful. Love you still, little girl!


    1. Hello Millie, Im sorry you’re having so much stress. It is not fun at all. As a kid they just said I has IBS…but now after knowing what I know now It was anxiety. I’ll send you my class info to your messenger. You need to get some oils diffusing in your home and on your skin. They help greatly. They can even help with other issues. Love you too! Talk soon.


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