A Mug with a story!

This mug defines a huge change that God has made in my life in the past 14 months. I have always been painfully shy. I wasn’t such an introvert where I didn’t like going places…but I never liked talking to people. I would get so nervous just thinking about having to talk to people that I would start shaking, sweating and my mind would go completely blank. It was exhausting.

After I had my twins I knew that I was going to have to change. But change was very slow. I remember sitting at home crying because my husband traveled 80% of the time and I didn’t have any family close by. So one day my cousin told me about this new thing called Facebook. So I signed up and I mostly talked to him on there. It was fun to pass the time between being a twin momma and FaceTiming with my husband from wherever he was that particular week or month. Then more and more people started to Join facebook so I didn’t feel quite so lonely and isolated. Facebook was a real gift to me during this time in my life. I started to be able to connect with people I hadn’t seen since High school. It was fun and for a shy introverted person this was a great way to talk to people. I was always good at communicating in writing. But speaking not so much. I was always a nervous nelly. I was so shy that in my neighborhood I would look out the window to make sure no one was outside before I would go and attempt to get my mail. I was scared of having to say hi or talk to anyone. 😦

Then about 2 years later I took a giant leap of faith. I saw a MOPS group that was affordable so I joined. It would take me an hour to get to the meetings but I started to make some new friends. I was so nervous each time walking into that church but my little girls made it a little easier for me because they took the attention off of me…mostly because they were so stinking adorable. 🙂 (still are).

My husband and I started to attend a bible study group at the church that hosted this MOPS group. Most of the moms from that MOPS group was in this bible study so it made it a little easier for me. I would even attend when my husband was out of town. He would join when he was in town. It was nice. We were actually learning something and loving it. They then broke off and became their own church. We moved with them and started to attend. A while later we felt moved that this was not the place for us. Let me just tell you, I felt exactly the same as I always had, no change had happened in my anxiety and shyness. I so wanted to be a more outgoing person but this just was not happening. I would leave these places so exhausted and sometimes my insides would be screaming to leave while I was there. 

Later on we had heard about Grace Church (where the Mug is from) from my daughters chiropractor. It was much closer to our home so we gave it a shot. We have loved it ever since we stepped foot in there. We feel the presence of God and learn so much every week. We were being called to serve in some way. Me being the introvert automatically said to myself…the nursery…I can do that. Kids are easy to talk to and most of them are too young to talk anyway. 🙂 I can busy myself with the kids and not have to talk to the other child care workers. It was a win win in my eyes. Well, I did this for a while but with our family circumstances I was no longer able to make this work so I stopped serving. I went quite a while not doing anything for the church except being the church nicknack and taking up space as I soaked in the word of GOD.

I did find an opportunity to serve behind the scenes which I thought was perfect for me. It gave me a sense of peace and God was telling me to do it. So I joined the craft committee where I would help prep all the crafts for the Childrens ministry for the month. Three hours cutting and counting…I as good because I didn’t have to talk much. I brought my kids so they could help and earn community service hour for their AHG troop.

Meanwhile this was all going on my husband started to serve as a greeter and usher. I thought this was great for him. He has no problem talking to people. I kept hearing the little voice in my head, “No way you could ever do this!” A couple years went by with me just being the church nicknack. I kept making up every excuse I could not to volunteer with my husband. My kids were too young at the time and who would watch them, etc, etc, etc. I was the queen of excuses. 

Well, our family dynamic changes again and my In-laws came to live with us. So guess what…God took those excuses away from me and one day at church I felt the pull from God to mark down that I will be a greeter with my husband. I felt good about it and scared at the same time.  How would I greet people when it almost physically hurt to talk to people?? And being a greeter all you have to say is Hi. That’s how painfully shy I WAS. See what I said there…WAS.

God used this role I was volunteering in to change me. But there was one little step I have failed to mention. 

It was November of 2017, I was going to attend the quarter auction at church by myself. I had a couple friends say they were going to be there. So I went. Let me tell you, I was miserable the first hour of being there. I didn’t know most of the people there. But I got out of my seat and wondered around the vendors there and bought myself something. I went over to a Young Living booth where a lady with a Bright Pink stipe in her hair stood. So I went up and was listening to what she was saying to another lady. I was checking out the literature and other items on her table. It was time for her to speak to me and I was so nervous. I just wanted to run, but I was curious about getting more of these oils that I had been trying and was sold that they actually worked for me. So I signed up to win a gift basket and bought a bottle of thieves cleaner she had. I was so excited to get my cleaner home to use it. 

After that night the pink haired lady called me and wanted to know if I would host a class on learning more about these oils. I said ok and we scheduled it. I almost didn’t answer the phone when she called. Talking on the phone was just as nerve wracking as talking to people in person. I’m the type of introvert that has to write a script before calling someone incase my mind goes blank from my nervousness. I’m a hot mess let me tell you.

After my Oils party I bought the Premium starter kit and I have not looked back. The oils were helping me with my anxiety and what surprised me the most was I was able to look people in the face and say hi every once in a while without wanting to run.

After a few months of helping my husband greet people at the doors at church I started to realize people are not going to bite me when I said hi to them. I was feeling a real change in my personality if you will. But let me tell you, around Sept of 2018 I discovered a new essential oil called Valor. I did some research on this oil before buying it and it is the formula of the oils that the Roman soldiers would put on before going into battle. This oil was the oil of courage. It has changed my life so much. 

When I first got it I had to go to an informational meeting for our AHG troop (where I am the Co-Coordinator). Co-coordinator is where I am a little behind the scenes of the troop so I’m ok with that. I help the coordinator run a smooth troop by helping her but she is the head person doing most of the speaking. WHEW!!  Anyway I put this oil on before I got to the meeting and when it was time to pack up and leave I realized that I was going up to people I have never met or seen before and was asking them questions and having conversations without any nerves or feeling like I needed to run away. I wanted to cry! I was able to talk to people, something I had never done in my entire life without feeling like I was going to die. How in the world did this happen?

All I can tell you is it was God and his healing oils. He made this oil for people like me. I see God moving in my life through this oil. 

So I said if this will work at AHG I know it will work at Church. So I would put it on before arriving at church and I would stand at those front doors opening them up for people and saying welcome and Hi, after my husband spoke first of course. Just a couple months ago I realized I was the one saying Hi first before my husband welcoming them. I was one never to speak first EVER! And the kicker is…I didn’t have the oil on. What I have learned is that you will eventually not need the oil as much. You will build your own confidence without the oil. I still use it from time to time if I’m feeling nervous going into a situation and It still works. But knowing that I can do this without the oils is an amazing feeling. God has used these experiences and oils to mold me into what He wants me to be. 

So this mug…I received last weekend at church from the head of Guest Services as a thank you for all we do to welcome people into our church. When I look at this mug now I am reminded of where I was and where I am today. I have come a long way and it brings tears to my eyes. I could never have done this without God and the oils he placed in my life. 

I cannot endorse Young Living oils enough for how they can change a persons life and health. 

If you’re going through something and want to try an oil for that, just reach out to me and I would be happy to talk to you about them.

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