I Live with a Walking Miracle

I have the privilege to have a walking miracle living with me. In 2013 my husbands parents moved here to Kansas from New York City. We were building our dream house and had extended the invitation to our parents to come and live with us on our property.

We get a phone call sometime in 2012 from my husbands parents if the invitation was still good for them to move in with us. We said absolutely and so we modified our house plans to include a guest house that they could call their own.

That was almost 6 years ago. It was all part of God’s divine plan and I can see it clearly now. Last winter my father-in-law started having some health issues that were a little concerning. He was having shortness of breath just getting the mail. He got a cold that he just never seemed to have gotten over completely. I encouraged him to see a pulmonologist because his primary doctor was not helping us get any answers.

He went to the walk-in-clinic (that’s actually in the local hospital here) and they were so concerned that they wanted him to have a chest x-ray and CT scan right then and there. The scan showed fluid on his right lung. So they sent him up to the larger hospital and they drained fluid off of his right lung and sent the fluid off for testing. They took an x-ray after the fluid was removed and there looked to be a large mass in his lung.

Then they received the dreaded news….Lung Cancer. I felt God talking to me…I had to be the strong one for the family. I noticed that God was making me a much more positive person in this moment and the moments to come. I had a peace about all of this. And only God can give someone this king of peace.

So we got into to see the best oncologist in KS. My Father-in-law is diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. They do more testing and God has given this cancer a mutation that makes it easier to treat (with just a daily pill). He had some rough times in the months to follow by draining off fluid from his lung everyday. No one even had to ask me…I just jumped in to take care of him everyday…God had called me to this position before this diagnosis was even in the works. God had brought them here just so I could help him. It was my pleasure to drop everything to help him with anything from draining a Plurex catheter to a drive to the dr. office.

Once this diagnosis came about I started doing so much research on ways to help him naturally along with the pill. God had brought me the opportunity to learn about Young Living essential oils just months before he got sick. I was so fascinated with how these oils can work with our bodies. God made our bodies and he made the plants that we use to make the oils. In the bible it is mentioned many many times how these aromatic plants and oils were here to help us.

I did research on one particular oil that God had told me to research. I will not mention it here because I need to stay complaint but in research studies it had been proven to kill cancer cells in vitro. I’ll let you do your own research.

I gave my father-in-law a roll-on of this particular oil and told him to apply to his lung area and down his spine everyday. What could it hurt. It won’t interfere with his Chemo pill so why not give it a try. I had faith it would help.

I have also had such good results with Stress Away oil with anxiety and relaxation. I gave him my bottle of Stress Away to help him with any anxiety he may have with this battle he is going through. It helped him to get some rest.

They then ended up buying the premium starter kit because these oils were working for them. This way they could order more oils at the wholesale price. I also recommended that He drink 2 oz of the Ningxia Red drink every day. This is the highest antioxidant drink on the planet. What could that hurt either. Lets get that body full of antioxidants and oils and strengthen that immune system…Let’s try everything to beat this monster inside of his body.

There is a whole science about our bodies frequency levels and how illness and cancer attacks our bodies when our frequencies are low and how essential oils raise our frequencies. A healthy body has a higher frequency then when we are ill. Natural live foods also raise our frequencies. But Food that is dead (like canned foods) have no life force therefore they cannot do anything for our frequencies. It’s really fascinating to study.

Here is when I started to see the miracle…three months after his first pill of treatments and 3 months after applying oils and drinking Ningxia he has a scan and it is showing signs of the cancer receding. He is no longer creating the fluid around his lung. He is looking up.

Three months after that he has another scan and he is showing NO signs of cancer. The tumor that was the size of two fists put together is no longer visible. The tumor that was on a vertebra is gone and new bone is forming. The lymph nodes are back to normal size and he is feeling so much better.

Today he had a checkup…11 months after the initial diagnosis and he is doing so well. The reason I wanted to share this story with you today is due to what the doctor told us today. He looked us in the eye and said he is looking and doing so well. That we are grateful for this mutation he has in the cancer. The pill is working at keeping this cancer at bay. I guess no one is ever really rid of cancer completely. There is always a chance of it coming back. But right now we are just rejoicing at how well God has healed his body. The doctor said if he had not had this mutation most people do not even last a year with this type of cancer. Here we are 11 months out and he is doing as well as before he got sick. We are so grateful this man has been able to keep up the fight. I am thankful for God giving me peace and strength to help him. I am thankful or the strength of my faith I have in him to heal. I am thankful for the cancer research that has found these mutations and the treatment for such a mutation is so much less invasive than regular chemo. I am thankful for God giving us alternative ways to treat ailments. I am thankful for these precious oils from the plants he made for us.

I know most people on this planet has been affected by cancer in some way or another. It is a scary when it hits home. We have stayed strong in our faith in God and his healing powers. I continue to pray for healing for everyone who is in a battle with this monster. Im so thankful for being able to see a little snippet of Gods plan. How he has made everything fall perfectly into place where it needed to be.

I truly believe that my father-in-law is a walking miracle and what a testimony he has to share with others.

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  2. Love this! Thank you for sharing it.


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