My Sad Truth About Laundry :/

Ok, I know that I am not the only one that really gets tired of the non-stop amount of laundry that keeps piling up on a daily bases. Sometimes on an hourly basis if you have little ones….OR just girls in general. Am I right?

There are some days that I literally feel like I am drowning a slow death in the piles of laundry. How about you?

And then there are those days when you get so tired of doing laundry that you hear the drier buzz or beep, whatever you machine does…and you think to yourself, ” I’m going to ignore it because I’ll just hit the touch up button later.” 😦

THEN, there is the buzz of the drier, the washer is full and ready to be thrown into the dryer but all your laundry baskets are full of clean dry clothes that still need to be folded. You keep adding more and more loads to the clean basket until its overflowing and your dropping socks and other items out as you carry it to the couch. You dump the clean clothes on the couch and go grab another load form the dryer so that washer can be emptied. IT’S never ending. You ask the kids to help you fold but they just don’t do it the way you do it…or they are lazy about it and it looks like they just wadded up everything and placed it in a pile. You think to yourself…I can just do it myself faster instead of having to refold everything they do. :/

Or you have laundry basket after laundry basket in your room with folded clothes waiting to be put away. There are no spare laundry baskets to swap the washer and dryer clothes. Ugh, its either ignore the dryer buzzer or dump the folded clothes onto the bed and go take care of the clothes so they don’t get that nasty smell.

Oh and then there is the CHAIR…we all have one and you know it! You can’t deny the chair!!! Or better yet…ours in on our beds footboard. Let me just drape this shirt on the chair that I only wore for an hour so I can wear it another day… Then you add the shorts you wore for one day but you didn’t sweat in them so they are still good, so they get draped to. Then one day you walk into your bedroom and the end of the bed, or the chair is so piled you can’t find anything, so you just decide to throw it all in the hamper and give it a wash. So much for rewearing those clothes. Deep down is this just laziness or our over scheduled lives getting the best of us? Oyveh!!

Then there is the time when you are doing so good at getting the laundry done and you’re feeling good about yourself, feeling accomplished. You go about your day and the next day and maybe another day and then you go to throw a load of laundry into the washer just to open it and get smacked in the face with a horrible smell and realize you forgot a clean load of laundry in the washer. UGH and that smell is terrible. I used to wash it again, then think its safe and throw them in the dryer just to realize while I’m folding them that they still stink…or better yet you put on a shirt and your body heat warmed the shirt and you keep getting a whiff of nastiness..and realize its your shirt. UGH!!! Or you think…oh it’s only been sitting in the washer overnight..I’ll give some items a smell and throw them in the dryer because you don’t smell anything. Well think again…ITS going to still be nasty even after one or two more washings…its like that smell gets imbedded into the fibers.

I finally found a solution to my stinky clothes situation. No matter how many times I would wash these particular stinky items I could not get that smell out completely…UNTIL…I discovered Thieves household cleaner.

I started making my own laundry soap about 6 years ago. My children had sensitive skin and I needed to find an alternative to the chemical laden laundry soap you find on store shelves. SO my laundry soap does not have any fragrance to mask the smell of laundry that is just not quite clean. So I thought one day after I started using Thieves Household cleaner last year…let me drop a capful (1 tsp) in with the laundry soap dispenser in my washer….WaaLaa…The smell was out for good! I couldn’t believe how well it worked on the first load of stinkies. So now whenever I forget a load in the washer and I need to rewash I add that magic little capful to the soap and its like it never happened. Or when I have extra stinkies…like kids sweaty clothes…in goes a capful of Thieves household cleaner.

So until they invent the folding machine and the robot to put our clothes away…we will continue to drown in the endless piles of laundry…but the Thieves Household cleaner has made my life a little easier when it comes to that dreaded load that gets left in the washer for just a little toooo long. And we all know it will continue to happen to us. You might want to go check your washer now to see if you forgot a load! LOL

If you would like to know how you can get your hands on this magic cleaner shoot me a message and I would be more then happy to help you out with your laundry issues!

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