Muck Boots

July 2014 we finally get to move into our dream house we built on almost 6 acres of wooded land. It took almost 2 years from start to completion but it was worth every minute. It is out little slice of heaven on this earth.

Our kids are able to go exploring and have the best time being lost in their imaginations. I get to soak in the nature all around us. Deer and turkey by the dozens visit us almost daily. It has taken some time but the deer seem to almost be used to us and do not feel threatened. NO, we are not hunters! I love seeing these animals doing their thing just a few yards from our windows.

Last April, 2018, I purchased my first 5 chickens. And yes I said first…because I plan to get more! 🙂 It’s amazing how much joy a few birds can give this crazy chicken lady. I have always suffered from anxiety but these birds seem to be a natural anti anxiety medication. I really do love my girls. My kids and husband got to pick out their own chickens and name them…but let’s get real…They are ALL MINE! I am the momma hen that takes care of them every single day. But I love every minutes of it even in below 0 temps.

But what comes with land is MUD! And let me tell you, we are drowning in mud this winter. So much rain, ice and snow has turned our ground into a squishy muddy mess. My husband and I spread straw in the chicken pen and they are so good at keeping it fluffed and covering the mud. Who knew they would actually be helpful in more than just providing us delicious eggs.

Here is how I decided that I am a farm girl thru and thru. We were invited to a Gala last weekend. It was an excuse to get dressed up. Something that rarely happens in this family. So I got a dress and it fit perfect but it came time to put on the dreaded high heels. YIKES! I don’t wear high heels very often but they are the only shoes that look nice with a cocktail dress. So on they went. I felt beautiful in them with my Navy blue retro cocktail dress and my hair all up in a messy bun. We were going to hit the town.

We get down town and are so lucky to find a close parking spot so I didn’t have to walk too far in these heels. I don’t have any problems walking or standing in them for the first hour and a half, while talking with friends. But when it was time to head to our table….holy COW my feet were screaming at me. I had to take them off for a few minutes before we could walk up to get our delicious food. At this point I know that I am walking funny and I feel like I can barely move. I was so glad to get back to the table so I could take these darn shoes off under the table. No one would be any wiser.

The night goes well as we are sitting there but when its time to head home…I go to put my shoes back on and my feet have swollen and the shoes fit even tighter. And I wanted to hit the ladies room before we head back home on that long drive. The bathroom is DOWNSTAIRS. I limp and waddle down the stairs and back up. OUCH! Thankfully we did not park far so I could limp all the way there with not much excruciating pain. But as soon as I get in the car…off they go!

We drive the almost hour drive home back to the country. We drive up and I have to put the dreaded shoes back on to limp into the garage…where my beloved Muck boots sit in waiting. As soon as I get to my boots I throw my heels off and slip my Muck boots on so I can go lock up my chickens for the night. Yes it was a sight to see me in a cocktail dress and Muck boots…But let me tell you…Those were the most comfortable shoes I had ever worn at that time. They felt like heaven on my feet.

That is when I realized that I am a true country girl at heart…I would rather have on my Muck boots then any other pair of shoes. Plus my Muck boots mean more to me than just a pair of boots. They remind me that I am living a dream come true. I get to live in the country with my family and my animals. I would not have it any other way.

So I pack my heels back into their box and put them back up on the high shelf until the next time we have an opportunity to dress up…But I hope it is a long while away so my feet can heal. Bring on the Muck boots baby!

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1 thought on “Muck Boots

  1. So true! The older I get the angrier my feet get at me when I wear heels!


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