Well, I took another plunge into sharing ways to live chemically free through cleaning our homes. I have been using Norwex Microfiber cloths for many years now. LOVE them! They do 100% better then chemical cleaners and do not leave any harmful residue or streaks behind.

I EVEN bought the MOP years ago! I have never even been to a Norwex party before. I bought through a friend who just recommended the products. I did my own research into the products and how they work. And WOW do they work! I was blown away the first time I used these little cloths.

I bought the mop not even knowing it was something you can earn for FREE just for booking a party. No one told me about that. But I LOVE the mop as well. It is the only thing I have found out there (and let me tell you I have tried almost everything out there for hard wood floors) that clean my floors streak free without causing a buildup.

Best MOP ever!

Well a friend texted me a couple weeks ago to tell me that she was a new Norwex consultant and asked if I wanted to sign up as well. You get the entire starter kit for FREE (pay only $9.99 shipping). This company gives you everything you need to start a business. You are encouraged to use these products to clean your home so you can share how well they work with others. You can’t really stand behind a product if you have never used it right? Plus this company is so generous and gives away so many FREE products to the hosts of parties.

So here I am, excited to share with others how to reduce chemicals in your home. You can clean with just water due to the Baclock system in this revolutionary microfiber technology. It cleans 99% of bacteria off of your surfaces with just WATER! This company goes right along with my passion to help people live their best and healthiest lives possible.

Why don’t you go ahead and head over to my website and take a look at all of what Norwex has to offer. If you would like to host a party online with Facebook or in home let me know and you can earn a lot of FREE products.

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