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This is the area where I will post the most recent Promo that I am offering through Way Of Life Oilers (Young Living).

February is the month of LOVE, right? Valentines Day is just around the corner when we want to show our significant other or a loved one just how much they are loved. Well what says love better than the gift of wellness.

Well the bonus of this months Promo is it can also put a spark back into the bedroom 😮 !!!

This package is the Premium starter kit Package…and when you purchase this kit under your first ER (Essential Rewards) you will qualify for a FREE bottle of Clove oil. And a gift from me will be the Lucy Libido book and an Essential Oils Reference Guide…that will tell you how to use every oil. Plus you will join an awesome support team where you can get guidance along your oily journey. As well as access to training and classes I offer for FREE. Only $165.

This here is the “Love is in the Air” package. You will get the premium starter kit, Sensation oil (for her), Shutran oil (for him) and When you purchase this kit as your first ER order you will qualify to receive Clove oil, Marjoram oil, Super Cal Plus supplement and Cypress oil for FREE. I will throw in the Lucy Libido book for Free plus you will get to join an amazing support and guidance group. All of this for ONLY $277!

This is the Fire in the sheets kit. When you purchase the premium starter kit along with Orange oil, Sensation oil, Joy oil, Nutmeg oil, Shutran oil, Mister oil and Kong Kuai oil as your first ER order you will qualify for Clove oil, Marjoram oil, Super Cal plus, Cypress oil, Purification oil, Palo Santo oil, and Ylang Ylang oil for FREE. And I will also throw in a FREE Lucy Libido book that will show you how to use all of these awesome oils. Plus get to join an amazing support and guidance team. All of this for ONLY $439!

These offers expire February 28th 2019. Click HERE to order your kit now. If you have any questions please Email me!!!

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